Panic Rooms Grow in Popularity


Escape rooms have recently become a popular attraction in Austin. Among the many, the Austin Panic Room is a notable escape room, due to its creative rooms that switch out often. In a panic room, you and a group of friends are locked inside, and have to use clues hidden within to figure out how to escape within an hour. But don’t worry, if you do not escape in time you are all let out.

Seventh grader Alyssa S. explains her escape in the Austin Panic Room

“I’ve been to the Austin Panic Room two times, and the first time I went we did not escape,” Alyssa said. “But the second time we were able to escape using the keys and clues to get out with about six minutes to spare.”

The Austin Panic Room is located at 1205 Rio Grande St, Austin, Tx 78701. Seventh grader Amelia C. explains the scenery in the museum room.

“Well, there were Van Gogh paintings on the wall and locks, safes, and boxes all over the floor,” Amelia said. “There was also a closet that you had to unlock to find a clue, and a fireplace in the room too.”

Austin Panic Room is a great place for people of all ages. Technology careers teacher Mr. Howard explains why he recommends Austin Panic Room.

”I would recommend Austin Panic Room for students at Gorzycki because it is a good opportunity for students to work together to get out of the room,” Howard said.

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