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Photo by Addison L.

Photo by Addison L.

Addison L. and Nathan R.

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Austin Scoops has been serving ice cream to Austin for ten years now. Not only is Austin Scoops unique to Austin but they also have some of the most unique flavors in all of Texas. Owner Tim Joyner explains the family business.

“Of course we make all of the ice cream right here in the store.” Tim Joyner said. “They are all family recipes and we use great all-natural ingredients.”

Tim’s daughter, eighth grader Mandy J., describes her favorite memory at Austin Scoops.

“When I was in 4th grade, my dad was teaching me how to make the ice cream,” Mandy said. “As I was trying to grab the tub of thawed ice cream, it spilled all over me and the floor.”

Employee Wesley Earle has been working at Austin Scoops for over a year, he describes what a typical business day is like at Austin Scoops.

“It really depends, on weekends it it usually packed, but if it is just a weekday it’s usually mediocre until the after-school rush,” Earle said.

Wesley also explains his favorite thing about Austin Scoops.

“I really enjoy getting to know everybody and eating a lot of ice cream.”

While experimenting with different favors, the Joyners have come up with many crazy flavors.

“The craziest flavor we’ve ever made would probably be chicken and waffles,” Mandy said. “It tasted horrible. I don’t recommend it to Amy’s [Ice Cream].”

“One flavor that we made custom for someone had gold flakes in it,” Tim Joyner said. “One batch cost $400.”

The mural of Austin was painted by Crash and RayRay. Crash and RayRay are now famous artists with pieces sold all over the U.S. Tim Joyner describes the process.

“First, RayRay came and drew a very detailed picture of Austin, and it took him a few days,” Tim Joyner explains. “Then, Crash added all of the paint and color which took her another several days, but if you look closely, you can see bats flying out from under the bridge, and on the lawn there is a music performance taking place.”

Wesley explains his most memorable moment working at Austin scoops.

“My most memorable moment would probably be when I spilled the mop bucket. There was soapy water everywhere and it took like an hour to clean up.”

Mandy explains what makes Austin Scoops unique from other ice cream parlors.

“It’s a family business and it’s not just to make ice cream, it’s for fun stories and a good time.”

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  1. Tim Joyner on April 25th, 2017 11:09 am

    Thank you Addison and Nathan for such a great article about our family business. We love your school and are so glad you decided to feature our business. Keep up the great work.


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