Abby M.: LAX to the Max

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Abby M.: LAX to the Max

Photo taken by Abby M.

Photo taken by Abby M.

Photo taken by Abby M.

Photo taken by Abby M.

Reagan Z.

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Seventh Grader Abby Moran has been playing lacrosse most her of life. Both of her older brothers play lacrosse, so they were her inspiration that made her want to pursue her passion for the sport. She explains why she choose lacrosse over other sports.

“I like lacrosse opposed to other sports such as basketball, because it’s not as popular as a lot of other sports,” said Moran. “It’s also a lot different from other sports and more fast paced”

There’s four different positions in Lacrosse; defense, midfield, goalie and attack. Moran explains the difficulties and advantages of playing midfielder.

“Midfielders do the most amount of running by far on the team, so that’s definitely a big disadvantage,” Moran said. “But I do get to lead my team since I’m not only scoring most of the goals but also playing defense and helping my team all around.”

Moran’s older brother is already playing lacrosse in college this year, she shares why she thinks she will do the same.

“I definitely see myself playing in the future because I plan on playing for college,” Moran said. “I also plan to after that too since it’s my favorite sport, and I’m never going to stop playing it.”

Alyssa Murry is Moran’s lacrosse coach for Iron Horse and who she looks up to in the lacrosse world.

“I look up to her because she went to a division one college and has a long background of playing with other really good players,” Moran said

Moran plays for Iron Horse, a traveling team as well as Westlake, a team that only plays in Texas. She explains why she enjoys playing for Iron Horse more.

“With Iron Horse I’m able to play better teams while I’m traveling all over the United States with my team,” Moran said. “Especially in places such as Maryland, where lacrosse is a lot more popular we have really good competition.”

Moran’s busy lacrosse schedule can sometimes cause conflicts when it comes to spending lots of time on schoolwork.

“My teams have practice twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursday, so as a result I’m not always able to finish my homework for that night,” Moran said. “I also sometimes miss multiple days at once for tournaments, so I always have makeup work for those days.”

Lacrosse is starting to become more popular and Moran shares what she thinks is important for a upcoming lacrosse player to know.

“My advice for those who are just starting to play lacrosse would be, be confident, be prepared to work hard, and not to be intimidated,” Moran said. “Since most players have been playing for a while, it’s sometimes hard to start at this age, but it’s definitely possible.”

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