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Eighth Graders recap over the year

Maya C., Staff writer

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As the year comes to a close, eighth graders are wrapping up projects and finishing up preparations for high school. Their years at Gorzycki has had some ups and downs, but they’re finishing out the year stronger than ever. Many eighth grade students have gone to Gorzycki for all three years of middle school. They’ve seen changes within the school’s policies, it’s staff, the students, and especially themselves. Eighth grader Laine S. shares how she has changed since her sixth grade year.

“In sixth grade I was shy and scared to talk to people. I stayed in my group of friends and didn’t put myself out there. In eighth grade I found myself, and now I have so many more friends and people actually know my name. I know it sounds cheesy, but I’m kind of like a new person now,” Laine said.

As three years went by, students were able to form close bonds with their teachers. Eighth graders Rebekah D. and Ethan B. share which of their core teachers they liked the most.

“My favorite core teacher is Mr. Johnson (sixth grade, science),” Rebekah said. “He made science really fun and interesting, and he was just a really lively person.”

Ethan B. had three favorite teachers, but one for a different reason than the others.

“If I’m choosing favorites based on personality, I would go with Mr. Doggett (eighth grade, science) and Mr. Martin (eighth grade, history) because they’re both really fun guys,” Ethan said. “If I’m choosing based on academics, I would chose Mr. Kagan (seventh grade, science) because he’s a really great teacher overall.”

Eighth grade is a strenuous year for students, preparing for high school while still trying to live in the moment of their last year of middle school. Eighth grader Josh O. shares what he thought the hardest part of eighth grade was.

“The most challenging part of 8th grade would mainly be tests you have to study for and some projects,” Josh said. “I feel like 8th grade is a different curriculum than it was 7th grade. In 8th grade they are more lenient, so that’s why I had a less of a drive to work hard. 8th grade was pretty easy in general, the hard part was mostly just studying for tests and things, but as long as you do your work and turn it in on time you’ll be good.

Many students have strong opinions of Gorzycki, and also have many opinions on things they would change in order to improve the school. Josh and Laine share what they think, and allow us to see two different points of view.

“I have a lot of mixed feelings about Gorzycki,” Laine said. “Most people here are great, some teachers are great, education is decent, and I’m happy that I went here because I made friends that I didn’t even know existed. If I had to change one thing about Gorzycki though, it would be the people that go here. A lot of people don’t act their age. I don’t really have a problem with it, you live your own life, but this is middle school, we should be dreaming about boy bands and butterflies. We’re still kids, and we should stop growing up too soon. People act like they’re 32 and have a wife and kids, but they really just need to act 14.”

While Laine’s point of view focuses on some of the positives of the school and an attitude change for the students, Josh sheds some light on other issues.

“My honest opinion of Gorzycki is that it’s an okay school,” Josh said. “I like how the teachers here are for the most part very inclusive, but I don’t like how they never told us that running for Student Council President was actually more of a scam more than actually an opportunity to help your fellow peers. After awhile of just being there you realize you don’t get much of a voice in the school and neither do any of the people that you’re working with. Everything is really decided by staff members, teachers, the PTA, and the principal and administration, and I just don’t like how students don’t get much of a voice in the school.

Middle school years provide students with a lot of funny moments, but a lot of embarrassing ones at the same time. Laine shares her funniest (and most embarrassing) moment.

“When I was in sixth grade I had Mr. Mahoney for excel and we would go outside and play sports,” Laine said. “One time we were playing ultimate frisbee and it had just rained and the field was all muddy and they threw the frisbee far away. I was trying to be the hero and go get it and while I was running my feet slipped out from under me and I covered my entire body with mud. I had to go change into my PE clothes that I hadn’t washed in like a solid two months.”

             Before they leave and embark on their journey to high school, Rebekah and Ethan give advice that’s applicable to all students, but especially to incoming eighth graders.

“Advice I would give to students going into eighth grade is to be a good example, because you’re the oldest and everyone looks up to you,” Rebekah said. “Also, don’t procrastinate because it’s really hard to get out of.”

Ethan’s parting words to students are not only good advice, but also a good life lesson.

“Unless the Earth is getting hit by a huge space rock, it’s not the end of the world,” Ethan said. “More importantly, don’t be afraid to be yourself. People like you better that way.”

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Eighth Graders recap over the year