Seventh Grade Volleyball

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Seventh Grade Volleyball

Mia L. and Morgan W.

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The 2017 Gorzycki volleyball team recently finished their amazing season. Seventh grade A team made it all the way to the championship match with a nearly undefeated season. 7th graders from A and B team describe their season and the sport itself. Avery Deithloff tells us more about the season.

“The season was fast paced,” Deithloff said. “It was fun to move around and interact with the ball.”

B team’s Coach Mackenzie was also a big help to the team. He helped bring the girls good spirits before their stressful games and teach them about sportsmanship. Coach Mackenzie is supportive but also tough enough to encourage the girls to learn new skills. Falyn Crenek had experience with this coach.

“Coach was nice but strict so he could control the team, ” Crenek said.  “but not make us dislike him.”

Ava Gibbons also likes the coaches coaching style. The coaches always brought them up when they were not doing their best. The players think that the coach not only taught them how to play the game, but helped the players reach their full potential.

 “ The coaches were really inspirational,” Gibbons said.  “and he encouraged us when having bad days and games.”

The girls love the sport a lot and they hope to make the team again next year. The sport pumps the players up and gives them energy to do well the whole school day.

“I love volleyball so much,” Gibbons said. “it’s the best sport ever!”

Falyn Crenek agrees with her teammate Ava Gibbons. They both enjoy volleyball a lot. Infact actually a lot of people do.

“ I enjoy volleyball a lot,” Crenek said. “it’s fun and competitive.”

Volleyball has made a big impact on the players. Volleyball has left them many lifelong memories that they will never forget. Lily Prevatt shares her favorite memory.

“ My favorite memory was winning the semi-championship game against Small Middle School,” Prevatt said. “and I also enjoyed going to the championship.”

Volleyball is an amazing sport but it does have some downsides. Volleyball can be scary because you have to play in front of lots of people. Not only is it scary but you have to spend hours of practice to prepare for it.

“ I enjoyed volleyball a lot,” Prevatt said. “it was really fun but also stressful.”

All in all the volleyball team had a successful season and improved not only physically but mentally too.

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