Girls Soccer


Photo by Reagan Z.

Navya S. and Maya L.


The Gorzycki girls soccer season started on Monday, January 8th. A and B team played their first games on Saturday, January 13th, against Small Middle School. A team won 2-0, and B team won 1-0. Many students on A and B team have been playing soccer for a long time.  


“I have been playing soccer for 10 years now,“ seventh grader Adriana Lee said. “I started playing because my mom forced me to, but now I like it.”


The girls soccer teams are a mix of seventh graders and eighth graders. Eighth grader Jolé Lutes-Stein shares her feelings toward this.


“You get to be friends with people who you don’t usually hang out with and aren’t in your grade,” Lutes-Stein said. “Also, everyone will already have a common interest in soccer.”


Eighth grader Maddie Savasky is on A Team and plays left midfield. She has been playing soccer for eight years. Savasky describes what her favorite part of soccer is.


“I like that it’s a team sport,” Savasky said. “Being on a soccer team is like having a family away from your family.”


There are many positives about being on the school soccer team. Students explain their favorite part about being on the school soccer team.


“[My favorite part about being on the school soccer team is] getting to compete, getting to run, and being on a team with people I know well,” Lee said. “I also like being able to see my teammates during the school day and to meet new people.”


Some students participate in club soccer as well as school soccer. Students describe the differences between club and school soccer.


“Outside school soccer is way more competitive and fierce than in school soccer,” Bodman said.


“In school soccer we practice more, but in club the practices are longer and more intense,” Savasky said. “The coaches are kind of the same because they both want you to do your best. Although, I do think that club coaches expect a little more from you.”


Lee and Savasky have some advice for the soccer players who are trying out next year.


“You should be confident and work hard. I would prepare for a lot of running,” Lee said.


“You have to try your best,” Savasky said. “If you try really hard the coaches