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What are you doing this spring break?

Cristina C. and Kristina J.

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Spring break is one of the three long breaks that students and teachers get during the school year. The week long break is about a month before STAAR testing, in the middle of the month of March. Students often use this week to do many interesting things, like traveling or catching up with friends. During spring break, many outside of school activities take advantage of the week to have competitions or tournaments, including fine arts and sports. While some students stay in Texas, some travel out of state.

“The first weekend I’m going to Detroit for dance,” seventh grader Ally Bartek said. “And then the rest of the week I’m going to New York for dance, and then the last weekend I’m going to Alabama for dance. I love traveling for dance because you meet new people and you sometimes get to see the city.’’

While some students travel for competitions, others travel to see family, or just take a vacation out of state.

“I’m going to Mamou, Louisiana for spring break. I am going to Louisiana to visit family and eat crawfish,” eighth grader Natalie Munoz said. “I have been to Mamou, Louisiana before for parties, to see family, and to just go on a vacation.”

While some people are traveling during spring break, others are staying home and relaxing. Teachers are always busy grading papers, planning lessons, and finding fun and helpful activities for their students.

“For spring break, I’m going to stay home, relax and save money because I am going to Europe this summer!” sixth and eighth grade social studies teacher Lisa Mielke said. “I plan on sleeping in, catching up on everything on Netflix like Stranger Things and The Crown. The best part about spring break is that I get to do what I want to do. There’s none of the rushing around like at Christmas time. I can be lazy and watch Netflix all day if I want.”

Spring break is about a month or two before the big STAAR tests. Sixth graders take two STAAR tests, seventh graders take three, while eighth graders take four. The tests take place in mid April and mid May, depending on your grade level and what the subject is.

“I think that spring break should be before the STAAR test, like it is now, because if it was after, we would have barely any school in-between spring break and summer break, so it doesn’t really make sense to do that,” eighth grader Lily Pennock said. “I like them more spread out so that we get more time in between each break.”

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What are you doing this spring break?