You’ll Go Wild for Flowerchild

Moosa S. and Vanessa N.

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Flowerchild is bohemian chain restaurant that serves healthy foods that will for sure leave you feeling full, but not disgusting. The restaurant that has two locations in Austin, one located the Domain and another in Downtown on 2nd street. Flowerchild is widely known for their refillable seasonal lemonade for example rose petal, pineapple mango and strawberry an. They are also know for their food that is vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. Eighth grader Katherine Crosley explains what she likes from Flowerchild.

“My favorite thing is their seasonal lemonade, it’s so yummy and refreshing and unlike anything I’ve had before.” Crosley said.

Since Flower child serves healthier options the feeling of the restaurant displays with aesthetic vibes with the color palette of pink, yellow, and green and the restaurants has plants for decor and paintings.

“The atmosphere is really clean and modern and garden-like so it looks very nice,” 8th grader  Ella Maedgen said.

Flower Child is a very distinct from other restaurants because its fast-casual healthy vibe offering many diverse and fresh options.

“It’s very modern and cozy and most restaurants don’t have vegan options so that’s why it is very different and healthier,” 8th grader Brynn Laughlin said.

The restaurant has a super-fast service, the servers would come within seven minutes the restaurant says. Students explain how they like the like the service.

“I like it because it was like insanely fast,it was there within like three minutes and the ordering was fast and easy,” said Eighth grader Maya Cottam.

The service of most restaurants affects the way you see restaurant so we asked students what was bad about their service.

“The service is pretty quick but they didn’t give us silverware and didn’t come in and check on us, and the servers made us clean up our trash even though it was a pretty nice looking restaurant,” Maedgen said.

Students explain why the agree with how they were treated at Flowerchild.

“The service was horrible, we didn’t even have a server, we had to go to our own table and clean up our own mess,” Laughlin said.

Overall the restaurants is enjoyed by students whether it’s their food ,location or service. Student would recommend it to others.

“I recommend Flowerchild to others because it has a wide variety and the food is really good for what you are paying for,” Crosley said. “Plus the location is really good and the atmosphere is really unique and a good experience.”


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