Waffle Love

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Waffle Love

McKenna C. and Avery A.

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Waffle Love is a family owned food truck located in five different states. It’s newest location is in Austin, Texas and the truck travels around the city. Most Gorzycki students who have been to Waffle Love have been when the truck travels to Meridian. It has a variety of unique waffle flavors that many students enjoy. Students explain what their favorite thing to get at Waffle Love is.

“My favorite thing to get at Waffle Love is The Nutella Love so you can put different fruits on it,” eighth grader Brynn Laughlin said.

Seventh grader Zoe Kanz describes the atmosphere at Waffle Love.

“The atmosphere at Waffle Love is kinda crowded sometimes and the line takes a while, but it’s worth the wait,” Kanz said.

Students believe that the seating at Waffle Love can be inconvenient due to it being a food truck.

“I think Waffle Love should be a restaurant and food truck, a restaurant so you can sit down,” eighth grader Kyla Ferrante said.

Waffle Love is a very family friendly environment that is great for hanging out with friends. Zoe Kanz shares if she would recommend Waffle Love to others.

“I would recommend Waffle Love to a friend because the sign is cute to take pictures in front of and the food is really good,” Kanz said.

Student Brynn Laughlin describe a location she would like to see Waffle Love.

“I think that Waffle Love should be on Barton Springs Road at the food trucks downtown,” Laughlin said.

Eighth grader Sadie McDonald also describes a venue she would like to see Waffle Love.

“I think they should put one in Circle C. by the community center pool,” McDonald said.

Waffle Love is known for thinking outside of the box when it comes to waffles. Students share what they think the most unique thing about Waffle Love is.

“The most unique thing is probably because they have dessert waffles and as well as meal waffles,” Garner said.

Although people have mostly positive things to say about Waffle Love, students believe there are things they could improve on. McDonald explains what she would like to change.

“I think they should make their waffle production faster because it takes a long time,” McDonald said.

Laughlin describes what she would like to adjust about Waffle Love’s seating arrangement.

“I think Waffle Love should get tables and benches in front of it so people can sit down,” Laughlin said.

Zoe Kanz describes what alterations she’d like to make to the Waffle Love menu.

“I’d probably want to add different items on the menu because there’s only about ten things on the menu,” Kanz said.

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