Baseball is Back!

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Baseball is Back!

Addie L., Producer

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Major League Baseball is a league filled with the top baseball players from all around the world. Opening day, or the first day of games, recently occured on March 30. Many students around Gorzycki enjoy watching during the MLB season, which lasts from late March to October. There are 30 Major League teams, located in cities all around the US. Seventh grader Jacob Kastl tells us his favorite team.

“The Texas Rangers, because my dad likes them and I just grew up liking them and watching them.”  Kastl explains.

MLB games are played in stadiums seating anywhere from thirty one thousand to fifty six thousand. Though tickets are expensive, fans enjoy coming out to baseball games to watch their favorite teams play. Eighth grader Frankie Santangelo describes the atmosphere at an MLB game.

“The atmosphere is a lot of fun.” Santangelo reveals, “It’s also really competitive, especially if it’s a close game, because sometimes the fans just get a little wild.”

Teams compete before the season starts every year for about two months. This is called Spring Training. Though tickets are cheaper, many students have not been to a Spring Training game.

“I don’t really want to go to a Spring Training game, because it seems kind of boring.” Crosley explains.

Major League Baseball players are paid an average salary of four million dollars a year. Astros player Jose Altuve has just signed a contract for one hundred and fifty one million dollars over the next five years. Many students believe that the players are paid too much, while others think that the salary is right for the job.

“I think that baseball players are probably paid a little too much, because they don’t work the entire year and there’s people that work a lot harder than them and need the money more than they do.” Santangelo explains.

Many students around Gorzycki enjoy watching and playing baseball. Studies show that over 14 million Americans play baseball, while even more watch baseball games.

“I’ve been watching baseball for about three years.” Crosley reveals, “My brother used to play, so it interested me to watch [MLB].”

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