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Blue Hole

Sadie M. and Campbell H.

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Blue Hole Regional Park is located in Wimberley, Texas and is open everyday from 10am to 6pm. Blue Hole is a lucious green park filled with trees and plants, but also includes a beautiful forested swimming area with swings and picnic areas. Students Jack Agnew, Betsy Gilbert, and teacher Mr. Mahoney explain how they were first informed about Blue Hole.

“ I first heard about Blue Hole when I went to summer camp a couple years ago”, Agnew says, “ We took a day trip out to Blue Hole and went swimming.”

While Agnew heard about Blue Hole from camp, Gilbert first found out about the swimming area from her friends.

“I first went to Blue Hole when my friends took me there, and that is how I first found out about it.”

Brian Mahoney, woodshop teacher, explains how he found out about Blue Hole.

“  I heard about Blue Hole from Coach Moreno when all the teachers were going together”, Mahoney says, “We went during the summer a couple years ago.”

Many of our GMS students visit the state park to have a blast with their friends and family, and there are a lot of ways Blue Hole strives to make sure that happens. Students Griffin Morris, Betsy Gilbert, and teacher Brian Mahoney describe their favorite thing at Blue Hole and why it makes the water more enjoyable.

“The rope swing is my favorite thing at Blue Hole, Morris said, “ because it is really fun to just fly off into the water!”

While Morris likes the rope swings, so does Gilbert. Gilbert describes why she likes the rope swings over other activities at the water hole.

“My favorite activity to do at the Blue Hole is the rope swings”, Gilbert explains, “because it’s really fun and you can do flips off the ropes and into the water.”

While those two students enjoy the rope swings, Mahoney likes a different type. Brian describes what swing he is interested in and why.

“I enjoy the ring swing the most because it is fun to jump in the air and catch it as you swing into the water.”

The Blue Hole is known for their beautiful water students describe what the water is like and why they think it is different from other water holes.  Ava Webber, Griffin Morris and Brian Mahoney explain why Blue Hole’s water is nicer than others.

“ I like the water at Blue Hole because it’s really nice and really cold but when you get in its refreshing,” Webber explains.

While Webber describes the water as cold and refreshing, Morris has a different opinion.

“ I think the water is very blue, sounds very splashy, smells and tastes like lake water and is very soft.”

Morris really enjoys the water, just like Mahoney. Mahoney now describes what the water is like.

“ The water is very cool, and a gorgeous aqua blue,” Mahoney explains.

Blue Hole has been around since 2005 , and has a great reputation. Many people would recommend it to others, and Morris and Mahoney explain why they suggest the state park to others.

“I recommend Blue Hole to others because it is a great place to go with your friends on a hot summer day”, Morris says, “and it is a lot of fun!”

Blue Hole is a very fun place to hang out in the summer to swim and have a good time, and also has hiking trails and tubing as well. Blue Hole is located in Wimberley, Texas and many people all round like to go there and laze around.

“I recommend the Blue Hole because it’s very unique and is close to Austin,” Mahoney explains, “so if you want to do something fun you can go there any time since it’s not too far.”


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