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Rise Up is a popular game new to phone app stores. In the game the player must protect their balloon by swiping their finger across the screen to move objects away from the balloon if the obstacles touch the balloon it will pop and the player has to start over. Most game companies, like Rise Up, spend lots of money on ads and advertising, student Hayley Bodman tell us what got her interested in Rise Up.  

“I was playing one of my favorite games,” Bodman said. “And I saw an ad for Rise Up and I thought it looked fun so I downloaded it and yeah.”

The description in the game says that only 1% of players pass the score over 1,000. Student Kate Frost tell us her high score on Rise Up.

“My high score is something I will not say to keep my dignity,” Frost said. “I am not good but when I got it I was like so excited.”

The current world record of highest score on Rise up is 3,300. Bodman tell us how she thinks the people get those high of scores.

“I don’t think they do get those scores,” Bodman said. “I think the people are actually computers or they cheat in some way cause it’s too hard.”

You need to really knock the blocks around. If you hit them hard enough they will fly forward and knock multiple blocks out of the way.” Kehler Jacob, one of the first people to get over the score of 1000 on rise up, says on the topic of his strategy. Frost tell us what her strategy is.

“I don’t move my finger I just keep it one place,” Frost said. “I hope for the best and hope that it knocks all the obstacles.”  

In Rise Up there are different obstacle courses the player must get their balloon past. Some are harder than other,  Bodman tell us what her least favorite obstacle is.

“The one that shoots little triangles at your balloon.” Bodman said, “There’s no way to protect you balloon from them they shoot super fast and from every angle.”

Rise Up, like other games, wants to make there player “addicted” to the game or want them to continue to play it. Frost tell us how often she plays Rise Up.

“I honestly don’t play it,” Frost said. “I do when I do when I get bored but it frustrates me too much so i’m not addicted.’

Many game reviews have said that Rise Up is a very good game but would take most of the ads away because it has a lot of ads, Bodman tell us what she would change about the game.

“I really like the game how it is,” Bodman said. “But I would make it easier because it’s impossible.”

Rise Up has a very simple concept but is still very difficult and has many moving parts, Frost tell us her favorite part about Rise Up.

“I like getting mad at games,” Frost said, “And this game is very easy to get mad at and it feels really good when you pass a level.”  

Rise Up is becoming popular and is now trending on apple’s app store, frost explains how long she thinks Rise Up will be popular.

“When they don’t have enough money to pay for ads,” Frost said. “The ads are what is making the game popular so when there are no ads it will die out.”

Anyone who wants to play Rise Up can, but different people find different types of game interesting, Bodman tell us who she recommends Rise up too.   

“People who have patience,” Bodman said. “If you can stand being really mad at games then this game is perfect for you.”


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