Thrills at the House of Torment


Avery A. and Bianca M.

The House of Torment is a popular haunted house during October.  Many people enjoy going for a good scare. The House is only opened during late September, all of October, and early November. There are three different houses you can go through. They also have a variety of mini escape games that you can play. Eighth grader, Ava Gibbons, went to the House of Torment last year.

“I have been to the House of Torment once, I went with my lacrosse team and I hope I can go again,” Gibbons said.

Many people go for team bonding. You have to find a way to escape the haunted house by working together. Sixth grader, Jonah Pate, went last year with his family.

“I didn’t make it through all three of the houses, my cousins got too scared to make it through the all of them,” Pate said.

Many people go with their families. Children under the age of 12 are not recommended to go. Sixth grader Emma-Dawn Cortez thought that the chainsaws were the most scary thing out of all the houses.  

“The chainsaws scared me the most because we were being chased by them,” Cortez said.

Some people think that the price for the tickets are a little expensive while others think they are reasonably priced.

“The price was a little high, but the scare was worth it,” Gibbons said. “There are certain nights you can go that are cheaper.”

The tickets are most expensive Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  The cheapest day to go is Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

“The best time to go is at night, on a Saturday, because everything seems more real at night,” Cortez said.

Different people believe going on weekdays is better while others disagree and prefer to go on the weekend.

“It is best to go during the week because there are shorter lines than on weekends,” Pate said.

Many people trip at the House of Torment. Cortez’s cousin tripped and fell on an employee. There are many stories and experiences to share. Some are funny while others are scary. In the end, everyone claimed to have fun.  

“No one got hurt but, my dad tried to scare me with noises, then, he got scared by one of the ghosts,” Pate said.

The employes try to make the experience as fun, safe, and spooky as possible.  They also have safety rules like only a certain number of people can enter a house at once.

¨I would recommend The House of Torment to people who enjoy a good scare but only enter if you dare,” Gibbons said.