Is Elementary Really Better Than Middle School?

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Is Elementary Really Better Than Middle School?

Allie Cinque and Corinne Irani

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Sydney Parsons is a seventh grade student at Gorzycki who has had many positive and negative experiences in both elementary and middle school. Brady and Sydney have attended Gorzycki Middle School since sixth grade. Brady Benaway was homeschooled through most of her elementary school years. However, she had a positive outlook on her education and socialization while also experiencing hardships. Parsons appreciates her friends but also believes that middle school could improve in different areas.

“You seem to make more friends in middle school because there’s people from different schools and people that act differently,” Parsons said. “Elementary school is kinda like the people that live near you.”

Benaway explains what situations and difficulties they have had at school, so far. Benaway describes how school subjects are different.

“I didn’t take too many tests when I was homeschooled, but I did a lot of math so I’m ahead in that subject and not the others,” Benaway said.

Parsons explains the social interaction in middle school and elementary school and how they differ. She describes how they interact with their peers and classmates.

“Well, in Middle School, everyone’s a lot more focused on I guess people liking you and being popular, and in elementary school people don’t care as much,” Parsons said.

Benaway talks about her favorite memories from being homeschooled. She enjoys family time, and being with her friends.

“When I was homeschooled, we would go have picnics and eat our lunch and do our homework. At public school it’s more fun because I get to see my friends everyday.” Benaway said.

Parsons acknowledges the differentiation in their best memory from being in elementary and middle school. She explains the plus sides of both, and she compares her school years.

“In elementary school my favorite memory, is the cute, little lunch detentions the teachers would give out and they would give you this slip and you bring it home and you have to get it signed something like that,” Parsons said.“My favorite memory from middle school is when it’s my friend’s birthday and we all scream happy birthday at them and decorate their locker.”

Parsons talks about how she has changed socially and academically from elementary to middle school. She also explains how the actual school years have changed her to who she identifies as today.

“Elementary has changed me from being who I want to be I guess like in elementary I didn’t really care how I dressed I kinda just brought that along with me,” Parsons said. “And then for middle school my best friends have probably changed me for the same reason and making me who I am and not really caring about how I look.” 

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