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Mikaylah C and Miya K

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Lots of GMS students participated in tumbling, parkour, gymnastics, or cheerleading activities including 7th grader, Kayla Graves and 6th grader, Lucy Bowie. Many of these students have gone to Champions, which has been a well known gym among the GMS students. Champions was founded in 1996 and started in a small church facility in Austin, Texas. After 15 years, Champions moved to Bee Cave Road and a few other locations.

Champions has been well known for having friendly staff members. The members have been known for helping kids get the confidence to succeed in their skills that they are attempting. They have been also known for being nice and friendly to the kids. This is Lucy Bowie’s opinion on the staff.

“I like the staff, they’re really nice and helpful,” Graves said. “Whenever I’m struggling to get something they come and teach me how.”

Champions has been a top choice for GMS students even though other gyms have been closer locations. The gym has been known for being new and clean. This has been why Bowie preferredFf Champions over other gymnastic gyms.

“I think they have nicer coaches cause the place I went to before didn’t have nice coaches,” Bowie said. “And there’s a lot more space to do stuff and they have a lot of equipment for new skills.”

Champions has many areas to do active activities. They have three mini trampolines and two tumble tracks. They also have a full spring floor, a bar set, and three balance beams. Champions also included many unique equipment like the rock wall and the climbing rope. Bowie explained her favorite parts of the gym and why she liked them the best.

“The spring floor because I think I’ve gotten all my new skills on there,” Bowie said. “There’s a lot of space for tumbling.

GMS students enjoyed going to Champions and they made many good memories there. Graves explained her favorite memory at Champions.  

“My favorite memory at Champions is probably my friend’s birthday party,” Graves said “Because I got a lot of help and I got back tuck standing on the floor.”


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