Is PC Gaming worth it?

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Is PC Gaming worth it?

Jackson Marzani

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In the video gaming world, many students struggle to pick between playing on a console or playing on a pc. Both platforms have their pros and cons, and we asked Jack Grossenbacher which he prefers and why.


“I think PC gaming is much better than a PS4 or Xbox because of the amount of flexibility you have,” Grossenbacher said. “You can choose all of the specific settings of your game and how you want your computer to handle them. Not to mention you can also edit videos or surf the web as well.”


Many students first bought a console because of the price; a PS4 or Xbox cost only $199 on Black Friday, and that was including a $60 dollar game bundled with it. We asked Oren Cramton and Jack Grossenbacher if they would recommend saving up for a pc if you already own a console.


“I mean, if you already have a console then you should save up,” Grossenbacher said. “I think the future is in pc’s instead of consoles.”


“I would definitely buy a pc right now because you can play with all your friends on any platform,” Crampton said. “And you can build your own. You decide where you want to cut costs and where you want to splurge on good parts.”


The thing holding most students back from getting a pc is the very high price. We asked Jack Grossenbacher and Marcos Salmon how much it would cost to build a decent gaming pc.


“To get a decent gaming pc it’s going to cost you at least 500 dollars,” Grossenbacher said. “And that isn’t including a monitor.”


“Maybe like 600 dollars,” Salamon said. “And then you need accessories such as a mouse, keyboard, and headset.”


Many students struggle to choose whether to build their own pc or buy one pre-built. We asked Oren Crampton and Marcos Salamon what they did and what they would recommend to someone in the market for a new gaming pc.


“I would definitely build your own. I build my own pc and I have been pc gaming for about a year now,” Salamon said. “It is overall cheaper to buy all the parts separately and it is really fun to put together.


“I am building a pc this Christmas,” Crampton said. “I am really looking forward to being able to play more games and overall have a better gaming experience.”


Not just the pc can be expensive. Most new games cost $60. We asked Jack Grossenbacher what games he would recommend for someone just getting into pc gaming.

“For someone just getting into pc gaming I would recommend both Fortnite and CS-GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) because they are both free to play.” Grossenbacher said. “Then you could invest in a game that a lot of your friends play. Me for example, that would be Black Ops 4.”

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