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Nike vs. Adidas

Nike vs. Adidas

Nike and Adidas have been at the top of the sports wear game for a while. Both brands have had many endorsements with professional athletes and celebrities. The debate of Nike vs. Adidas has been a long time argument between people across the world. Eighth graders, Aydin Strange, William Morris, and Patrick Kenney explained which brand they prefer.

“I like Nike because it’s just better,” Strange said. “The quality of their products is a lot better. The only bad thing is that Nike is more expensive sometimes.”  

“I like Nike shoes because they look better,” Morris said. “Adidas is more comfortable, but Nike has better support.”

“I prefer Adidas,” Kenney said.  “Adidas has the boost and are super comfortable. They just feel better.”

Many people have thought that Nike excels in certain areas such as support and comfort. Eighth graders, Beck Gabelien and Aydin Strange, explained why they prefer Nike over Adidas.

“Nike has better quality products,” Gabelien said. “They also last longer than Adidas.”  

“Nike is just better,” Strange said. “They help you run faster.”

Adidas has been newly on the rise recently and has become more popular with the boost shoes. But, Adidas excels in only certain things. Mr. Laughlin and Beck Gabelien explained what Adidas excels in.

  “[Adidas excels in] advertising but more so to the youth,” Laughlin said. “To kids in Middle School and High School.”

“Adidas excels in creating sportswear that is comfortable,” Gabelien said. “They are way more comfortable than Nike.”

Nike has been a top brand for a long time. Many high profile athletes including Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James wear Nike products. These athletes have helped promote Nike. Many have believed that Nike only has excelled in the shoe department. Morris and Gabelien explained why Nike and Adidas are the top brands.

“They have the biggest endorsements,” Morris said. “All the best athletes wear Nike and Adidas, and their shoes are comfortable.”

“The best athletes wear these products,” Gabelein said. “Also, I feel like they both have the best shoes and are very popular.”

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